Volunteers Wanted!

Are you interested in volunteering for the Harvard Club of Sweden? Great! The Club is currently looking for volunteers to engage in the different Club activities. You can volunteer on either a long-term basis (e.g. to serve as a Board member or on one of the Committees), or on a more short-term basis (e.g. by hosting, arranging or sponsoring a certain event, or writing an article for the website or the Newsletter).

Right now we are especially looking for volunteers to engage in the Social Committee, which is mainly responsible for coming up with ideas for, planning and arranging events. Since the Club is celebrating its 5th Anniversary this year, there is lots to do! As a volunteer in the Social Committee, you can engage as much and as often as you can, but there is no obligation for you to attend a certain number of meetings or arrange a certain number if events. Regardless of what spare time or resources you have to engage as a volunteer, you can contribute to the Club by devoting that time and/or resource. 

Please send an email to our Event Manager Inger Hummingson if you are interested in becoming a volunteer in the Social Committee.