Why join?

By joining the Harvard Club of Sweden you will have the opportunity to attend intellectually stimulating events, some with top world recognized personalities. You will have opportunities for networking with local and global fellow alumni, which expand your level of contacts exponentially.
You are contributing to the permanence of the club as an entity in charge of organizing, and coordinating all the activities for alumni. You will be part of a community that values the University ideals of excellence in educations as well as public service.
Some events are restricted only to members of the Club, and you will have priority when events have a limited capacity. You will have a discounted (member's) price in most events held by the club.
You are entitled to the Harvard Global Pass, which is a Harvard University organized program that allows you to attend events in countries all over the world, at the same price as the local members of that particular country.
As a member of a local Harvard Club, you will also be eligible to an annual subscription of Harvard Magazine at a discount if you order your subscription before October 30. The annual rate will be only $30 (instead of $55) for members of our Club. Please register at http://post.harvard.edu with a login required (go to "Programs and Events". If you need assistance, please contact haa_alumnihelp@harvard.edu.