Here are extracts of the Club's by-laws, adopted on May 26, 2007 and amended in 2009 and 2011.

§ 2. Purpose

The purpose of the Club is to work for the strengthening of the bonds between Harvard University and its graduates and alumni, as well as its current and former students, faculty, fellows and researchers, who reside in Sweden or have a Swedish connection. The Club shall further the friendship between individuals who currently are or have studied, carried out research or taught at Harvard University and/or Radcliffe College; spread knowledge of the aims and achievements of Harvard University; promote the interest of all alumni in the academic and extracurricular activities of Harvard; represent the interests of the University within Sweden; and encourage recreational activities for its members. The Club shall also stimulate and encourage intellectual curiosity as well as stimulate, encourage and facilitate intellectual exchange between its members and the national and international community.

§ 3. Membership

Membership in the Harvard Club of Sweden is open to any individual who has received a degree from Harvard University or Radcliffe College, or who is, or has been,

(i) a tenured member of the faculty of Harvard University, a faculty member or officer or other holder of a University appointment for at least one full semester,

(ii) a student, fellow or visiting researcher in any department of the University for at least one full semester,

(iii) a person who has completed an academic program in any department of the University that qualifies her/him to be listed in the Harvard Alumni Directory. Membership is also open to anyone who is the recipient of an honorary diploma from either Harvard University or Radcliffe College.

§ 10 Annual Meeting

The regular Annual Meeting, the highest decision-making body of the Club, is held annually prior to May 15 at a time and location decided by the Board. A written notice shall be sent to all members at least three weeks prior to the regular Annual Meeting and at least two weeks prior to an extraordinary Annual Meeting. In order for a proposal to be considered and acted upon at the Annual Meeting, it must have been submitted to the Board prior to March 1.

The regular Annual Meeting shall cover the following Club business:

1. Elect the President and Secretary for the meeting;

2. Establish an electoral register for the meeting;

3. Elect the person to check the minutes of the meeting;

4. Decide whether a proper notice has been given of the meeting;

5. Determine the agenda for the meeting;

6. a) The Annual Report of the Board for the previous year;

    b) The Financial Report of the Board (income statement and balance sheet) for the preceding financial year;

7. The Auditor’s Report for the previous financial/accounting year; 8. The issue of discharge from liability of the Club’s Board for the time period covered by the Auditor’s Report;

9. The election of nominating committee; 10. The election of Club President for a period of two years in the event his/her term had expired;

11. The election of remaining Board members and possible deputy members for the following two-year period if their term had expired;

12. The election of auditor and, if necessary, of deputy auditor;

13. The determination of possible remuneration of the auditor;

14. The consideration of the motions or proposals submitted by the Board, as well as the proposals submitted to the Board prior to the specified deadline;

15. Miscellaneous questions.

Any decisions regarding amending the Club by-laws or decision-making on issues of great financial importance to the Club or its members cannot be made unless such amendments have been properly announced prior to the meeting by means of a notice sent out to all members.

§ 12 Voting Privileges

At the Annual Meeting, each member of the Club is eligible to cast one vote. The right to vote is personal and may also be exercised through a representative. A representative must be a member of the Club and must hold a written proxy.