Our Mission...


The Harvard Club of Sweden was founded in May 2007 by four dedicated alums and after an initiative by Anna Tebelius Bodin, who became the Club's first President.


The Mission of the Club is reflected in the Club's by-laws and may be summarized as follows:

The purpose of the Club is to work for the strengthening of the bonds between Harvard University and its graduates and alumni, as well as its current and former students, faculty, fellows and researchers, who reside in Sweden or have a Swedish connection. The Club shall further the friendship between individuals who currently are or have studied, carried out research or taught at Harvard University and/or Radcliffe College; spread knowledge of the aims and achievements of Harvard University; promote the interest of all alumni in the academic and extracurricular activities of Harvard; represent the interests of the University within Sweden; and encourage recreational activities for its members. The Club shall also stimulate and encourage intellectual curiosity as well as stimulate, encourage and facilitate intellectual exchange between its members and the national and international community.


We hope that you want to participate in fulfilling this mission and warmly welcome you to join fellow student, scholars and alums and become a member of the Harvard Cub of Sweden!