European candidate for Board of Overseers

Sanjay Patel, AB '83, SM '83, recommended by Don Guiney, president of Harvard Club of UK.

Dear Fellow Alumnus/a:
I'm writing you to let you know about an important opportunity for us in the upcoming elections for the Board of Overseers, which is one of Harvard's two governing boards. You should shortly receive your paper ballots in the post. Sanjay Patel AB '83, SM '83, from the UK, has been nominated to run for a position on the Harvard Board of Overseers. Sanjay is a good friend and, more importantly, a dedicated friend of Harvard. Like me, Sanjay was a financial aid recipient, and has given something back to Harvard in numerous ways for 30 years. He has served on the Harvard Library Development and Library Visiting Committees, the Task Force on Balanced Philanthropy, the Task Force on Academic Resources (which reviewed the new Core Curriculum at Harvard College) and the Task Force on International Studies (with a particular focus on South Asia). He served as an Elected Director of the HAA from 2004 to 2008. He is also an active and engaged member of the Harvard Club of the UK. His daughter Alisha is a member of the Harvard College Class of 2014. 

I think that Sanjay is an outstanding candidate. I believe that it is vitally important to have a strong European voice on the Board of Overseers. I am voting for Sanjay and urge you do the same. When your ballot arrives, don't throw it in away! Please complete it (including a vote for Sanjay) and send it back promptly. This is a great opportunity for European alumni to have a strong European voice in the governance of Harvard.
Best regards,
Don Guiney AB' 78
Harvard Club of the United Kingdom