Harvard in Sweden – nice to have or need to have?

How is a Harvard degree valued in the Swedish job market?

Surely, every member of the Harvard Club of Sweden can tell anecdotes about how they were received in Sweden after graduating; either returning or arriving for the first time, as an ex-pat or as a spouse. Did it open doors? Was the network effective? Did the diploma clinch the deal or did it actually scare a potential employer? It seems reasonable that the HCS should have a clear picture of how a Harvard background is perceived, and make an exerted effort to boost the value of a Harvard education in Sweden.

Do you think it would be interesting to hear, say, three firms working with recruitment of professional staff explain how they work, and to what extent a Harvard education influences the attractiveness of a candidate? Which recruiters would you suggest – do you have any in your personal network?

Wouldn’t it be a good thing for HCS to cultivate relationships with a few friendly HR-firms or recruitment agencies that could be trained, over time, to appreciate the diversity and quality of a Harvard education?  

HCS is starting a working group around this topic and we would very much appreciate your experiences, thoughts and ideas. Please share these with Mats Segerström and/or Johan Samuelsson, and indicate if you would like to participate in the working group.